back to the zoo

Yup, looks like I'm headed back out to Neuva Jork to flex with the Mollusk Hard Body Posse at the Fish Fry on May 3rd. Everyone burn your pop-outs and pray for surf! Here's some photos from last year's trip to the land of pizza pride and the $75 t-shirt.

Bean Master, Jake B, and Ty-buddars ready to shred.


The surf was actually really fun and hollow.
Cleaner sand than I've ever seen in California for sure.

Maya Hayuk radness.

Manolo high on life and ready for the choco-taco.

Apocalyptic view from the East River Institute.

"Uhhh, I'm wearing a blue shirt and no underwear..."
"Oh God, that's so hot..."

Papa Nuno and Mama Bete with some nerd from Cali.

Rip Zinger, originator of the term "hi-shredability."
Also responsible for "gorilla finger."

Dubstar, post shred in the Starbucks parking lot ready for his orange mocha frappachino.

Nerd with Joey Clams--shaper supreme and part-time trans-gender body builder.

Sick ankle-slappers.

King and Queen.

Bean Master Flexx giving directions.

Oh god, get me back to some decent tofu!


double-wing quad for terry

5'9" x 20.25" x 2-3/8" double-wing quad fish
Marine-ply AK4 fins by Daniel Partch
Brick red resin tint + polish
Leash bridge
Moonlight Glassing


get your stub on

Another board made for the ladies of "Dear and Yonder." Listen to the sustain...

5'7" x 20.25" x 2-3/8"
cranberry resin tint + polish
glassing by Doug Fletcher

Check out more photos on my STUBBIE PAGE.


rest in peace woody brown


getting there