rap party death hug

Here we have Alberto and Bennet getting up on a little 5'7" double-wing quad thing. When they're not pulling in on wafery hulls, riding fixies, or munching on egg rolls, you can find them drawing on foam with pencils listening to Cymande and practicing dance moves to the Jackson 5.

Oh, and spots along the coast were going off this week...


Hello Brooklyn~~~

My friend Danielle is having an opening show Pocket Utopia this Saturday called "Coast." (I'd go, but I'm supposed to be making boards for that pesky surf shop off of Metropolitan...)

Check out her bloggy for visual references...




One for the Ladies

Here's a few pics of a 5'4" wingless quad fish I shaped for Tiffany Morgan and Andria Lessler to surf and share in their new surf movie currently in production, "Dear and Yonder."

5'4" wingless
19.5" x 2.25"


New T-shirts

Swallowtail Society t-shirts are finally here! Made with American Apparel men's tees in S-M-L-XL. You can find them at Mandala.


Random Mollusca


Stringerless CQC for Joe Curren

Joe picked up his little 5'7" recently and it's apparently making its way to points south of Spain later this month...lucky. Send us a postcard Joe!


White Wingless

5'11" x 20.5" x 2.5"
Bamboo AK4s by Marlin Bacon
Moonlight Glassing

Montgomery Ernest Thomas Kaluhiokalani

Sequence of Buttons from 8mm footage shot by Greg Weaver. Surfer Vol.19, No.1.

(He can still do 360s...)


Biofoam Birdies

Kyle Field serving up a slice of stubbie pie for Two Birds Fly, a new little venture bent on making art boards to hang on glassy walls.


Hullin' with the New Kids

Sophia Grace likes yogurt, long squats on the beach, and new boards like this 5'11" Andreini Vaquero with Resin-X and a nice tint ala Moonlight.