Resin-X 2+1 Stub for Sale

Here's a stub for the coming summer months...

5'11" diamondtail stubbie 2+1
20.5" x 2.5
clear, wet-sanded gloss
Resin-X lamination and hotcoat
Marine-ply side fins by Daniel Partch
7.5" Volan L-flex by True Ames
Tapered basswood stringer, blue glue
Single-concave into double-concave vee
Moonlight Glassing

Interested parties can send inquiries to mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Moonlight Glassing for making this insane board!


Anonymous said...


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Nuno said...

yeah! You can enable the word verification the avoid this comments.

Nice surfboard!


Fish Tales said...

resin -x, are a lot of people using it?? i want to try it, what does manny think?

M.CARO said...

Thanks guys. I enabled the word verification so hopefully we won't be seeing those virus links anymore...

M.CARO said...

There's a fair amount of energy stored through turns with the Resin-X lamination, and you can definitely feel a bit more spring out of your bottom turn.

On the downside, Resin-X is difficult to laminate due to the very short working time, and the Resin-X hotcoats are very hard so it's more work for the sander. This adds a lot of extra cost to the production of these boards. It's unlikely I'll take any new orders for Resin-X until the formula becomes more worker-friendly.

Fish Tales said...
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Fish Tales said...

good i think i'll wait too, thanks for your input

Fish Tales said...

it looks awesome, i still have faith in new materials

Anonymous said...

is resin-x a more eco-friendly resin like epoxy? seems like a step in the right direction from what I've been hearing..

M.CARO said...

It's urethane-based and has zero VOCs if you don't cut it with styrene.

J.P. said...

Resin-X has a killer "twang" effect that launches you out of turns. It is also very durable. It is pricey and difficult to work with but will eventually find a niche in the surfboard industry. This board is a chance to see the band first before they get famous.