bambooey stubbie


hang time


shape, surf, sing...

I got to meet Ashley Lloyd again at the Sacred Craft where she performed some songs off her new album "The Serenata Road Recordings." Check out her website where you can check out her boards and listen to her beautiful songs:


photo:tiffany morgan

photo:tiffany morgan

Here's a link to an interview she did with FOAM magazine:



hunter seekers for germi and fiona

Gary Stuber loves to laminate for the ladies...

9'0" tri-plane hull for sandra
8'8" tri-plane hull for fiona
where's mine?



hey coco...

5'11" tri-plane hull
20.5" x 2.75"
dark chocolate resin tint
polished deck
wet-sanded bottom
directionally sanded for aquatic slickness
9" Greenough 4A hand-foiled by Chuck Ames
Happiness by Moonlight Glassing


surfboard party

I got invited to share a booth with trouble-makers Brian Hilbers, Kirk Putnam, and Marc Andreini last weekend. Hulltastic. Met a lot of good folks and saw some insane boards.


kirk, marc, and little john.

final exams.

grif-grom making me look even shorter.

japanese bros.

moon-mom slanging shirts yo.

rk and the dude, mr. john cherry.

gerrrrrr custom shapes.

brian and kirk doing their best andreini impersonation. marc was pissed!


new shirts!

...are finally in! Here's some pics of the new t-shirt designed by Jeff Canham...

Made with organic cotton and water-based inks, these shirts will be available for sale at the Sacred Craft surfboard expo this weekend in Del Mar. They will also be available through the Mandala website by Monday!


AKA the Hershey Squirt...glossed and ready for polish...then Sacred Craft.

New lams by Matt Irving of the Delphi think tank~~~


9'0" tri-plane hull

Here's a 9'0" tri-plane triple stringer pintail shaped for Alexandra...