mission accomplished

gimme wunna doze, two-a doze...

dj berto getting wikki wikki

michelle blade

dave, have you seen lana?

bob maffews

snihplod cihtog

mr. jay nelson

dmc turntable world champion 2008 - elias reitz

brett from juice gallery with his new sled

you are looking at the future of soup~~~



Here's the carving I made for the Outerlands benefit art auction. Hopefully it'll find a nice home and help open up our new post-shred rice plate joint mo' quicka!


Outerlands Art Auction at Mollusk SF

Friendly neighborhood cafe starters Lana Porcello and David Muller are opening a new cafe in the Sunset called Outerlands, a wonderful little restaurant a few blocks away from Mollusk Surf Shop. They need just a little more help to get the place opened and running, so a bunch of us have donated artwork to be sold via silent auction. Please come out and listen to some music, meet the folks, and maybe go home with a great piece of art...

See you there!

Friday, May 30th, 6:30p-10pm
Mollusk SF (at Irving & 46th)

art by michelle blade, thomas campbell, manuel caro, alberto cuadros, kyle field, bryson gill, rachel kaye, alex kopps, jeffrey manson, barry mcgee, serena mitnik-miller, kyle mock, jay nelson, hillary pecis, caleb rogers, nat russell, bennet schlesinger, jesse schlesinger, orion sheppard, johanna st. clair, mason st. peter, rob streff, david wilson, and more!

Check out this link for more info:



stubbie clip

Here's Tyler Warren's friend Justin drawing some clean lines on a smurfy 5'8" stubbie 2+1 from the Japanese surf film, "United."


new sled for nuno

Nuno offered me his version of Portuguese aloha during my stay in NY. Cush rides in his Mercedes wagon, beers aplenty, and some of the best company anyone could ask for. (Sorry I couldn't make it over for Bete's home cooking - I'll have to visit you in Portugal for some octopus!)

If anyone see Nuno in the water, give him a wave---you'll get two right back!


Stringerless Stubbie for Sale

This stubbie was my personal board and it's lightly used with no dings. Glassed with Volan, it has moderate flex and works best in hollower beach break surf. (I designed it with Ocean Beach in mind.)

5'11" x 20.5" x 2-3/8"
clear, volan glass
marine-ply side bites by Daniel Partch
Moonlight Glassing


Interested parties can contact me by email at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.


trevor shred

Photo: Jonathan Hay

When Trevor isn't photographing lingerie models or singing baritone fireside karaoke, he gives lessons on how to shred.

(6'1" wingless quad fish - MP CQC fins...ka-kow!)


right coast customs!

Super thanks to the Falcone family for putting me up while shaping in the Grey Ghost creation station, and for all the yummy manicotti and paella!

Body shakas to Chris Gentile and the Mollusk family for letting us crash in the studio after bending limits of human endurance in the wee hours...

Thank you thank you thank you to Dutchie, Dubstar, and Chris for organizing the custom orders and putting up with all the questions and concerns (is my board ready yet?)...

And lastly, super thanks to Joe Falcone for letting me shape in your awesome little shaping bay...the most fun I've had in NY ever!