velo...cigarro...siglo...arc-tail wide stubbie...ok, we'll call it the "wubbie."

6'1" wubbie for Sei
22" x 3"


Just another day in the Mirandon shaping bay...


mirandala twubbie

Eli sent me these frame grabs of him putting the twubbie through its paces. I got to surf it a few weeks ago and it's so much fun to surf...

...fast, loose, and weird. We're taking orders for them now, with Eli doing the color flow on the bottom, your choice of resin tint color on the deck, and the Mirandon Twin Fin template in bamboo from 101 Fin Company in either Lokbox or glass-ons. Interested parties can contact me at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.

Chewy, is that you? Justin Adams shows us how hulls don't work so well backside.


Happiness is spraying your friends.



6'3" round tail tri-plane hull for Yuta Koide of SHAKASTICS ~

Hi Momo!


Tyler Warren recently returned from a trip to Oz with one of a twin keel design we've been working on for John Smart's film "The Tyler Warren Experiments". Here's some water shots of Tyler on the 5'2" "Space Cookie" by Morgan Maassen:


Look what Eli found at the dump...


My friend Erika has been making some pretty cool board bags for hulls and fish out of vintage fabrics. Check out her offerings on ETSY, and her blog at NEW BOHEMIA ARTS.

mirandon single fin template


this is not live blogging

The 2009 Sacred Craft was a pretty fun event. Our hippy-stoner-dirtbag booth turned out to be a nice and cozy place for everyone to play jenga, drink a few beers, and check out some boards. Next year there's talk of a doing solar gravity bong hits on top of a mini-pyramid inside our tee-pee shaped booth.

japanese homies checking out a Rusty mini-Simmons RK loaned to us.
it was really hard to give it back...

my friend sei

hilbers and KP's finger

whole lotta crap

look, it's serena!

marc andreini sure can shape

there's a small "no pop-outs" sticker on the walden on the right...
hmmm, how'd that get there?

surfy surfy slip-n-slide

beer-flavored wax

danny's hand-planes = aquatic hot-cakes

eli showing us some footy of him surfing the stubbie twin fin

mirandala twubbie

look, it's JP!

tyler and the new three-fin model

gnar gnar, a.k.a. captain blackstoke, invited us to a fun crawfish eating party after the show on saturday...lots of fun with pliny the elder and math blogs.
how do you mine your stoke?