glass-ons rule

Here's some pics of a few stubbies, hunter/seekers, and quad fish getting prepped with glass-on fins. Glass-ons are light (no boxes), and allow the fins to flex the way they were designed to. The stubbies work insane with glass-ons and a tapered stringer, as the thin tail can twist and flex along with the fin for a more integrated ride.

6'3" pintail stubbie

9'6" hunter seeker

5'11" stubbie

5'8" stubbie

5'10" double-wing CQC

6'0" double-wing CQC



Check out this link for more photos of these tri-plane hulls:



oh yeah, this is the swallowtail blog...

5'11" wingless quad fish
20.5" x 2.5"
Persimmon resin tint
Wet-sanded gloss
Authentic-kinda-hard-to-get Larry Gephart marine-ply quad fins
Moonlight Glassing

Interested fish-heads can email me at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.


nice funboard

Justin is always sending me text messages saying "Cardiff looks rippable."
What is he talking about?

Mister Phillips on his new 5'9" stubbie 2+1. Photos by Tom English.


tri-plane hulls in production

9'6" hunter seeker
23" x 3.25"
volan lamination
custom for Mark Nishimura

6'0" pintail stubbie
20.5" x 2-7/8"
cherry resin tint


stubbie sale at moonlight glassing!

These tri-plane hulls were $770.00, now $695.00...bam!

5'11" tri-plane hull
20.5" x 2.75"
coke-bottle green resin tint
wet-sanded gloss

6'1" tri-plane hull
20-5/8" x 2-7/8"
coke-bottle blue resin tint
wet-sanded gloss

Interested stubbers can contact Sally at Moonlight Glassing:

(760) 942-3319

Here's another dusty clip of Tyler Warren on a 6'0" stubbie at Lowers...


human hands

...and don't get foam dust behind the crappy lens of your digital shooter!


neither here nor there