Here's the final 5'3" prototype of the Tyler Warren Space Cookie. It's going to be on display along with its prototypical predecessors at the Surf Indian Gallery this Friday. TW fish #1 and #2 which are in John Smart's film, "The Tyler Warren Experiments," are going to be for sale. Tyler's going to film with #3 to complete the triptych and design progression...

Come check out the show if you can! It will be up for the next month (I think.)


This 5'11" was made for Dave Kerr, one of our peeps at Moonlight Glassing. Skinny Dave's been surfing North County for over a hundred years, and has worked at Moonlight forever. Custom hot-rod pinlines by Peter "I-don't-want-to-be-blogged" St.Pierre.


Come check out Tyler Warren's solo show this Friday at SURF INDIAN GALLERY in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

In addition to Tyler's latest work, he'll be exhibiting boards he's been working on with shapers like Terry Martin, Josh Hall, and Manuel Caro.

Art by Tyler Warren
Acoustic sets by The Growlers and The Japanese Motors
Friday - July 31st

Surf Indian Gallery
4658 Mission Blvd.
Pacific Beach, CA 92109


finally, a decent south swell...


7'0" tri-plane hull for Daniel S. ~


Justin Phillips is in France right now, probably doing this...

For now, my Cardiff wave count is safe.


KYLE FIELD, golden circle member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Flight, here to trim it to win it in San Francisco on his Andreini...


i miss shooting polaroids...


Jeff Canham is not only talented, he's also funny.



where's your secret spot? (p.s. this is not Beacons.)

Space is the place...here's master airbrush artist Peter St.Pierre with his gnarly biker face-doo!


Got a bunch of friends together this weekend for a little "stubbie sunday" at Cardiff Reef. The waves actually started doing it by mid-day, with the water around 68-70. I had a few boards for friends and the curious to try out, and I grilled about 36 burgers for everyone who showed up. Thanks to everyone who made it out! We'll try and have another one next month!


I've been working backwards lately and everything I love about hulls has germinated from Greenough's revolutionary design theories. The arctails I've been shaping have been an attempt to walk in the footsteps of those who wanted to make a stand-up version of Greenough's spoon. This particular 5'10" is relatively user-friendly considering how foiled the rails are. I got a chance to surf it last night in some empty glassy waves and it's faster than sh!t...

Check out my ARCTAIL PAGE for more pics and info...


Bamboo fin baron Marlin Bacon asked me to shape him a 5'8" round pin quad to test drive some fins and have some fun. Here it is with a loco abstract and shreddy pinlines by Peter St.Pierre. I should probably try it out first just to make sure it works ok...


If you happen to be checking the surf at Beacons and you see a tall goofy-footer shredding on a little red hull, it's not me---it's Ben! I was going to post some pics of him feeding hot dogs to Zooey, but we're not in Amsterdam.


6'2" round pin quad
dry grass resin tint
wet-sanded gloss
bamboo AK4s by Marlin Bacon
Moonlight Glassing

for Mike H. ~~~




Seth Bowman recently sent me a few more photos of him ripping on his 5'7" Jobson Bat-tail Twinzer in the chilly Santa Cruz surf...brrrr. Wil Jobson invented the Twinzer design back in the early 80's, a little-known fact despite the design's popularity with well-known fish shapers such as Larry Mabile and Mike Hynson. Very few shapers have acknowledged Wil Jobson for the design, and I'd just like to make sure that everyone knows who's actually responsible for such a great improvement on the twin fin design...

Here's a picture of Wil shaping one of my last Clark Foam 62C's into a beautiful 5'11"...


I got to meet the guys who started making these and it reminds me of the original "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" stickers. It'll be interesting to see where all of this goes.