big in japan

Griffin Stepanek is a wee grom shaper out of La Jolla and was recently featured in BLUE MAGAZINE, a Japanese surf rag which closely follows the strange phenomenon of the Californian surfer dude lifestyle.

If you see Griffin out in the water, make fun of him for wearing booties.


dear and yonder trailer

Here's a trailer for the highly anticipated surf film, "Dear and Yonder." It should come out some time this summer...

There's another version on their website cut to Vetiver: TRAILER


robots are the best

I couldn't embed the official trailer for WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, but here's a little unofficial clip:

This is gonna be awesome.

mirandon twin pins

Eli Mirandon has been up to no good at his top-secret hideout, making some pretty sweet boards in the family tradition...

Check out more pics at ELI SURFING.


oh look, another hull

7'0" tri-plane hull - pintail
21" x 3"
rusty red resin tint
polished gloss
9" Volan L-flex by True Ames

These 7'-plus tri-plane hulls are a pretty good choice if you're looking for something in the "mid-length" zone. I like to surf them when the waves are small but I don't feel like surfing a longboard. Available from 7'0" to 8'6".

I'll have a demo at the ANYTHING BUT THREE event this weekend in Oceanside.



This particular board is more Hunter than Seeker, with a pulled-in nose and narrower tail. This board was shaped for a nice guy who owns a bakery in San Francisco and who isn't afraid of looking for some of the bigger sets on the outer bar at Ocean Beach.


and this one goes to ireland

I don't usually do acid splashes and abstracts, but the black and red looks kind of rad.

Resin trippiness by Gary Stuber.

~ for Conor ~


agave kneelo

Eli Mirandon asked me to shape a blank that he glued up with some nice agave he's been collecting. I made a 5'5" kneeboard based off of George Greenough's Velo, which has been more than just an inspiration for me.

This board will be available through WAVES FOREVER. You can contact them by email at: yuichi@wavesforever.com.


more birds ready to fly

If you haven't checked out the TWO BIRDS FLY website yet, you should use your computer time more wisely.

There's still a few boards in stock that are really really sweet and collectable...


round pin quad for sale!

5'8" x 20" x 2-3/8"
spirulina green resin tint
wet-sanded gloss
Lokbox AK4s

This board is available at Moonlight Glassing. If you'd like to know more about the board and pricing, email me at:




Yuta Koide makes his own skateboards and has his own little cottage industry in Costa Mesa where he's been hard at work shaping shreddable planks for sidewalk surfing. I showed up to Moonlight last week to a package in my room with one of these collectable decks!

22" shredder model
5-5/8" wide (4" forward of center)
5/8" thick

He's been documenting the evolution of Shakastics on his blog at SHAKASTICS...check it out!

He's been making t-shirts too, so email him at shakastics@gmail.com if you want an original tee none of your goofy friends have yet...



little squirt

5'11" tri-plane hull
22" x 3"
clear volan + wet-sanded gloss
Moonlight Glassing




I got to see Thomas' new movie "The Present" last Friday, and I was stoked to find out one of my boards made it into the movie. It's the green and purple quad fish at the far right of the photo (half-hidden by the white and orange fish.) Shannon surfs it in the Africa section. The waves in the movie are so good that you kinda go numb after a while. If you haven't seen it yet, "do what you gotta do" as Thomas would say.


darker than blue

6'oh" tri-plane hull
black opaque color lamination
polished gloss
9" Greenough 4A
Moonlight Glassing

~ logo cryptography by MATT IRVING ~



9'oh hunter/seeker
tapered cedar stringer
22" x 3"

~ for brad ~


7'0" tri-plane hullz

Here's one I shaped today for some top secret dudes somewhere in the Pacific:

7'0" tri-plane hullabaloo
21.5" x 3"


new rudders!

We're finally closing the loop and can offer a surfboard that has all of its components hand-made here in California:

Clear sanded AK4s, hand-foiled by Jack Jensen.
Bases by 101 Fin Co.

Modified 9" Greenough 4A, hand-foiled by Jack Jensen.
Finished by Captain Fin Company.

So long China!


If you'd like to order some fins, you can contact me at:


buns of sitches

So I got the email I hate getting when my friends are on surf trips:

John Smart on a 5'3" Mandala Space Cookie.

Tyler Warren on a 5'8" Josh Hall quad fish.

Check out more of Morgan's photos at BOGUS MEDIA...