we don't know what it's called...

...but Matt Calvani does, he shaped it.

Tyler says he's been surfing it and it's "fun."


blalah shaka!



coco dos

5'11" tri-plane hull
20.5" x 2-7/8"
shiny top
sandy bottom
flexible rudder



7'6" hunter/seeker
21.5" x 3"
army green tint
wet-sanded gloss
8" Greenough 4A hand-foiled by Larry Allison at Fiberglas Fin Co.


happy winter solstice!

puerto rico

Check the hullish fin placement...


marc and rennie

Marc's going to kill me for posting this. There's not too many men who can tuck in their shirts while wearing shorts...damn casual.

from the archives


the fight against scurvy

CAN - "Vitamin C", 1972.



I got to meet Yuta Koide of Shaka Stics this weekend, and he's been making some pretty rad boards (Momo here thinks they're awesome.)

To find out more about his boards and hanging loose, send him an email at shakastics@gmail.com.


bright black

9'6" hunter/seeker
22.5" x 3.25"
for Matt Irving!


hogar dulce hogar

My friend Tamzen has a little balsa blank and surfboard business down in Ecuador and she sent me some pics of the new house she built for herself. Rad huh?

If you need some righteously grown quality balsa, check out her website:






cherry stubbie

Here's a 6'0" stubbie glossed and waiting to be polished by one of Moonlight's buffing Jedi...

It's one of many waiting for the final step in a long chain of experienced craftspeople:

* Sally St Pierre-owner, shop manager, packing and shipping, customer service
* Peter St Pierre - owner, airbrusher, pinliner, problem solver
* Gary Stuber - head laminator, resin tint specialist
* Mark Dreibelbis - laminator
* Dave Dvorak - hotcoater, leash plugs
* Dave Kerr - fin system installations
* Marlin Bacon - glass-on fins, bamboo scientist
* Kenny Mann - sander
* Brett Loflen - hand-sander, quality control
* Mark Donellon - glosser, polisher
* J.P. St Pierre - wet-sander, polisher, quality control, blogger
* Elliot - hand-sander, polisher, happy "new guy"
* Moondoggie-official mascot, aka Moon Kitty.


glass-ons rule

Here's some pics of a few stubbies, hunter/seekers, and quad fish getting prepped with glass-on fins. Glass-ons are light (no boxes), and allow the fins to flex the way they were designed to. The stubbies work insane with glass-ons and a tapered stringer, as the thin tail can twist and flex along with the fin for a more integrated ride.

6'3" pintail stubbie

9'6" hunter seeker

5'11" stubbie

5'8" stubbie

5'10" double-wing CQC

6'0" double-wing CQC