happy halloween!

Zooey couldn't wait until tomorrow...


Michelle Blade is a painter/social activist living in San Francisco...check out her website at MICHELLEBLADE.COM

This one lives on my desk...


Steve Bailey came by the other day with a stubbish pod that he surfs as his daily driver. Oceanside Surfboards hails from Cocoa Beach, Florida...


Caden Kerr jumping over the breakers on his 5'9" 2+1 shortie!


5'6" nube oscura



Mamoru-san sending us his cone-zone salute from Japan...


TYLER WARREN ON 4'10.5" from TYLER WARREN on Vimeo.

Tyler shaped this rad little board...I'm gonna order one!


This is a little cut-out I made on a custom tri-plane hull for a guy named Mino in Japan. The board's going to have a nice marine-ply Greenough 4A too...big thanks to Peter St.Pierre for spraying it for me!


5'11" stubbie 2+1
single to double concave vee
dark chocolate resin tint
4oz+4oz deck/4oz bottom
combo finish
bamboo side fins
7" Bonzer template by 101 Fin Company
Ready to shred!



is anything sacred?

Kirk Putnam, aka HULL BOSS, telling us about a rest area he stopped at off the 5 freeway...

Brian Hilbers got a surprise when Julie from Julie Designs came in with a balsa hull he shaped back in the early 70's.

Here's John Smart stealing power from the coffee booth behind us. Apparently, it cost something like $200.00 to buy power for your booth...go Bassy!

KP had this on his back the whole show.

Whatever happens, we love you Kirk.

Hey Richard, when's the movie coming out?

Eli shaping one of his dolphin-shaped boards.

Even Wil Jobson was there inspiring and confusing us with applied hydrodynamic theory.

And he rocked out too...

Yuta and Momo!

Zooey and Madeline!

Robin Kegel won best prize for the raddest booth. It was on total autopilot and had the most I-don't-give-a-sh!t per square inch than all the booths combined.


The typhoon here brought a lot of rain, but the surf in Kamakura was head-high and offshore! Here's some pics of me surfing a 6'3" tri-plane hull and a 6'6" Dark Cloud...




SEARCHING FOR MICHAEL PETERSON is coming to Sacred Craft this weekend! Live music by Beau Young and an intro to the movie by PT himself...don't miss it!

Searching for Michael Peterson Trailer from jolyon hoff on Vimeo.


Epic surf every day!!!