Stringerless Volan Stubbo Concavo

Here's one of my favorite board designs with marine-ply side fins by Daniel Partch...

5'9" stringerless stubbo concavo
20.5" x 2-3/8"
volan cloth
wet-sanded gloss
marine-ply side fins
volan L-flex by True Ames
Moonlight Glassing


Anonymous said...

Hi Manuel,

this one looks insane, how does it work compare to a Fineline Geebee?
I am so impatient to received my quad!

benoit from france

M.CARO said...

The GeeBee is so different from this board that it's almost impossible to talk about it.

The GeeBee is a specialized hull that is basically a stand-up version of a Greenough spoon.

The stub you see here has concave and side-bites, which opens it up to a lot more rider input. What you give up in hull slipperiness you get in shredability...

Anonymous said...

stubbies,served cold are yummy!sez, thepodroom.com