Paipo Shred

PAIPO Boarding 1963, Val Ching

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Thanks to Justin T for the linkage ~~~


Pulp, Poo, and Perfection

Joshua Berry came into Mollusk yesterday straight outta Chile where he's been working with Save the Waves and director Angel Marin where they've just finished a short documentary on the effects of sewage and forest industry pollution on the environment (and surf spots.) It's going to be showing at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival on February 2nd at 4pm. There's going to be three days of films from Feb.1-3, so check it out. Here's a trailer:

* THIS COMPLETE FILM IS NOW AT WWW.PERRORATA.CL AS A DOWNLOADABLE PODCAST VIDEO. Click on the link "Podcasts" and then download "PPP" at PerroRata.cl. You can also watch it as a streaming video at the "Trabajos" link at PerroRata.cl

Check out more goodies at Josh's blog : http://greensurfingstory.blogspot.com/

and the website for the SF Ocean Film Fest : http://www.oceanfilmfest.org/


Points South

I re-discovered this photo of Knosty having a nice warm time in Central America last year. 5-something Manolo fish...time to book a flight south.


Ocean Beach, 1973.

"A Sea for Yourself", Hal Jepsen, 1973. - thanks to bobo-mol for the linkage...


France, 1966.

From Surfer Magazine, Vol.7, No.1, 1966. Photo: Stoner.


BLUE Magazine

One of my friends in Japan sent me these photos of my recent interview with the Japanese surf magazine called BLUE. The first person to translate the article for me gets a free t-shirt!


Kanji for Mike

A man named Mike came in to Mollusk with his special friend today to paint his name on his new 6'4" quad fish...


solamente olas



A Single Fin for Charlie

7'1" round pin single...rad art by Mister Charlie Callahan...



Balanced Kelp, by David Muller.

"Believer", by M. Caro

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Wingless for Andrew

5'9" x 20.25" x 2-3/8"
khaki green opaque
wetsanded gloss
bamboo CQCs

Andrew bought one of my first boards back in 2003 and he was due for a new sled. I don't think he's stopped smiling since he got it.


Wingless Quad Fish

I've been drawn to the cleaner lines of the wingless fish lately, so here's one in blueberry flavor...

For more info, check out the new Wingless Quad Fish page on my website.


Stubbie ala Lana

Lana's board is finally done and her artwork looks verr nice with the volan cloth. Watch out for her inside bar kneelo attack...



Tybuddars getting stoked on his new fishy...artfulness by Kyle Field.


Happy New Year!

Sophia Grace, getting stoked with a switch cheater-5 (she's goofy.)