7'0" round-tail tri-plane hull for Doug Harrison's summertime stubbie attack! A fin box allows for adjustability, but glass-on fins allow the tapered stringer to flex and twist. Two schools of thought bonk heads over this, and I prefer the latter once you get your fin placements dialed...


The first time I saw Tyler Warren's art was at Andoland back in 2006. I saw this fin for sale and grabbed it quick! I remember seeing a kid at the 2004 Fish Fry who kept running in and out of the water and ripping on my fish, and I later found this photo in the July 2005 issue of "On The Board" magazine:

mini tyler and mini justin

Check out his website at ARTBYTYERWARREN.COM


Since I've been posting so many great photos of Eli shredding, here's a funny one from his trip to the Fish Fry in Japan. *Found on the Hulling Bird Blog.


5'11" tri-plane hull for Yoshiyuki ~


Zooey made her first trip around the sun yesterday and had her first dog party. Kari and Ben brought over a doggie pinata and we got to watch them tear it apart over tacos and beer. I hope everyone had a great Father's Day/Summer Solstice!

Passed out! Dang, forgot about the pyramid.


Tim Elsner fell off the wagon again last week in the middle of his hull rehab program when he got his 7'0" tri-plane hull. We're pulling for you Tim, just hang in there. A few more weeks on the Bonzer should have you living clean by the time you get to Indo.


I first met David Kimball Anderson in Santa Cruz, where he had his metal shop a few doors down from the Strive Factory. I had a shaping room there and I'd often see him doing neat things with a spray bottle and a blowtorch. He's well-known for his metal sculptures, and I'm lucky to have one of his waves in my living room. David is going to be in a group show for the Surfrider Foundation's 25th Anniversary party in LA. Everyone should come and check it out--it's for a good cause:

To commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Surfrider Foundation has invited twenty-five artists to represent twenty-five specific waves worldwide. David Kimball Anderson has been invited to depict Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California.

NIGHT LANE, 2009, 10 1/2 x 34 x 23 inches, cast bronze, along with the other works in the exhibition, will be auctioned to benefit the Surfrider Foundation at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration event to be held at the California Science Center, Los Angeles, in October, 2009.

NIGHT LANE will be an edition of three. The total proceeds of 1/3 will benefit the Surfrider Foundation. 2/3 and 3/3 will be sold following the benefit event and 20% of the proceeds of the sale of each will benefit the Surfrider Foundation.

David Kimball Anderson began wave referenced work in 1995 and continues to make table-top scale bronze waves. These waves are available for sale and donations to benefit institutions and individuals in need. Please contact the artist directly.

—David Kimball Anderson May, 2009


5'10" winged arc-tail.....ready to surf! (almost.) I had a lot of fun on the 6'1" arc-tail that I made for my friend Sei in Japan, but for my size it could have been a lot shorter and lighter. This one has a tri-plane hull bottom with more pinched rails, and the wing preserves the parallel rail of an arc-tail while reducing tail surface area. The side fins are there to help hold the rail in a bit more, as the smaller hulls are a lot more maneuverable and want to be pushed harder through turns. The board shown here has a 1/2" to 1/16" tapered basswood stringer, 4oz glass, and an 8" Greenough 4A (volan) foiled by Larry Allison of Fibreglas Fin Company. Moonlight Glassing!



This insane photo of Marc Andreini was poached from Kirk Putnam's new blog, KP's ROUNDUP. Lots of great photos of Liddles and guys in white hats. Makes you want to BBQ and ride a horse!


I got to see Thomas' movie "The Present" again this weekend at Patagonia Cardiff, and it was so fun to hang out with everyone and watch this movie again. I'm very lucky to have had a brief moment in the film with Shannon riding one of my boards in the Africa section. Thanks Thomas, for another beautiful film to remind us how amazing and wonderful it is to be alive and experience everything Planet Earth has to offer.

The DVD is out now, so check it out. There's tons of extra features and goodies...


the books - "smells like content"
from the album "lost and safe" 2005



6'3" wingless quad fish for Jun Tokuda!

10'0" hunter/seeker for Marty ~


Eli Mirandon has been collecting local agave and gluing them up with different woods like redwood and Torrey Pine. Here's a little 5'5" arc-tail I shaped with his stony homegrown stringer...


8'4" hunter/seeker for Jasper ~

for sei

for mom


More stubbie quaddiness....5'8" for Lance!


5'9" shortie 2+1 for summer shredding...

Caden Kerr on the shortie...

(Super big thanks to Mark Nishimura for sending me a Flip Mino HD gadget for making movies and taking nice stills...no more CrappyCam!)