Pulp, Poo, and Perfection

Joshua Berry came into Mollusk yesterday straight outta Chile where he's been working with Save the Waves and director Angel Marin where they've just finished a short documentary on the effects of sewage and forest industry pollution on the environment (and surf spots.) It's going to be showing at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival on February 2nd at 4pm. There's going to be three days of films from Feb.1-3, so check it out. Here's a trailer:

* THIS COMPLETE FILM IS NOW AT WWW.PERRORATA.CL AS A DOWNLOADABLE PODCAST VIDEO. Click on the link "Podcasts" and then download "PPP" at PerroRata.cl. You can also watch it as a streaming video at the "Trabajos" link at PerroRata.cl

Check out more goodies at Josh's blog : http://greensurfingstory.blogspot.com/

and the website for the SF Ocean Film Fest : http://www.oceanfilmfest.org/

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