BLUE Magazine

One of my friends in Japan sent me these photos of my recent interview with the Japanese surf magazine called BLUE. The first person to translate the article for me gets a free t-shirt!


Ryan said...

It says... "Manuel's boards are epic."

churp said...

I like how you manipulated the shot of you staring all dreamy into the camera.

m.caro said...

oh churpster...funny like a clown! don't get me started on crop circles or ping-pong or modular origami polyhedra!

Brett said...

Hey just discoverd this blog, great stuff, you can check out a few waves from NZ here http://www.logriding.blogspot.com and a bit of wood fish action at http://www.woodfever.blogspot.com

naminorioyaji said...

looking good man!
The title of the magazine is "Trend Leader"
and San Francisco part is SFO is the 2nd surftown in the U.S.(I do not even know why 2nd???)

mike said...

hey manny, translation courtesy of nozomi... BTW when i try to open the 2nd page to a bigger picture it doesnt work so this is only half of it.


This shaper, if you hear his name you won't recognize it. However, if you see his brand, Mandala then you will know who he is. You can see a board of his and understand it is of good quality and personality. It is better to see a person's skill than to listen to rumors from other people's mouths. (Japansese proverb) He shows this proverb and his brand is popular in san francisco for the fish variety. Hidden in his boards are lessons passed on through his teacher from San Diego.

Manny was born in Laos and then when he was young he moved away from his family and his childhood was in Orange County. When he saved up money and ordered his first board, he got it and then felt it was different from what he imagined it would be. The shaper who made him the board watched him surf and said he needed to be more relaxed. The shaper understanding this was able to make a better board for him of the (?? kind of board) variety. After that experience Manny was able to understand the relationship between the surfer and shaper and he began to have deep respect for that.

Later in his life, Manny started shaping boards. That caused him to make a new friend named Thomas Canbel. He borrowed a board from Thomas named valuable wings, a quad fish made by Rich Pavel. After surfing the board and seeing his friend Thomas surf it, he admired what Thomas could do on the board. Later on after he had been shaping he was introduced to Rich Pavel by Thomas and then got a free fish. THen he started to study how Pavel made his fishes and learned about that.

m.caro said...

Thanks Mike...free t-shirt!

Now comes the damage control:

I already knew T-moe from Santa Cruz, and he introduced me to the double-wing quad fish ala Rich Pavel. I didn't get a free fish...just some valuable shaping lessons.

Thanks Nozomi for the translation!


m.caro said...

p.s. I like the logriding blog. NZ is tops on my list for a surf trip. Being a goofy-foot in CA can be hard sometimes...

christopher said...

Seriously...you look really good in yellow!

pinliner said...

I like the face your calipers are making. Like they just picked up a new Manny Fish.

Angie said...

Hey I am a freelance writer and translator at BLUE magazine, and my husband, Kuni Takanami, is one of the photographers. Give me a shout anytime you have anything you want to know about the articles in BLUE.


Angie Takanami