Balanced Kelp, by David Muller.

"Believer", by M. Caro

T-shirts are finally in and we've got 2 designs ready to go.
They're American Apparel tees in S, M, L, and XL.
They're $20.00 each, plus $4.00 to ship anywhere in the US, so $24.00 total.
Free stickers included!

If you'd like a shirt, you can send a check to:

Manuel C. Caro
c/o Mollusk Surf Shop
4500 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA

Or, if you'd like to use a credit card, check out the STORE page on my website.

Please remember to include a shipping address!

More designs coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Please start offering "non" American Apparel. Lots of us hate those shirts!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the American Apparel stuff. it rules! Nice designs! I hope you make another for Ando's Swallowtail Society logo and a larger Kopps script. Then I'll be sending you my check stat!

m.caro said...

I'll do my best...

Ryan said...

Hey, great shirts. I'll have to check one out soon... I also dig the American Apparel... cheers,