Come check out Tyler Warren's solo show this Friday at SURF INDIAN GALLERY in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

In addition to Tyler's latest work, he'll be exhibiting boards he's been working on with shapers like Terry Martin, Josh Hall, and Manuel Caro.

Art by Tyler Warren
Acoustic sets by The Growlers and The Japanese Motors
Friday - July 31st

Surf Indian Gallery
4658 Mission Blvd.
Pacific Beach, CA 92109


John said...

Music by the Growlers, or the Growerls? His poster says Growerls.

m.caro said...

You should have been a government proof-reader...

John said...

That still does not answer the question. Growerls is a strange word.

M.CARO said...

easy chato...

John said...

It was a legitimate question I thought. Maybe 2 legit 2 quit. Anyways I looked it up...Growlers.

We have a sign down the street from us that says "PLATNS FOR SALE"

Now I'm gonna have to come down there and kick your ass...at dominoes.

TDAW said...

Rad blogging! Yes I realized growlers were spelled wrong when erica opened the 1 of 200 flyers that were hot off the press! Spell check? Does it exist on illustrator? Thanks to all who made It to the opening! The show will be up till the 2nd week in sept.