glass-ons rule

Here's some pics of a few stubbies, hunter/seekers, and quad fish getting prepped with glass-on fins. Glass-ons are light (no boxes), and allow the fins to flex the way they were designed to. The stubbies work insane with glass-ons and a tapered stringer, as the thin tail can twist and flex along with the fin for a more integrated ride.

6'3" pintail stubbie

9'6" hunter seeker

5'11" stubbie

5'8" stubbie

5'10" double-wing CQC

6'0" double-wing CQC


Clams said...

Nice dude! Are those black speed dailer glass on's the set that you use to mark fin placement? The ones that Chuck made!! I thought you'd never use those!! They look bad ass though. Holler at me! Peace Bredren!

KL said...

that first board looks mental



ns said...

glass on's are superior

Unknown said...

M - How far up are you placing those single fins? Thanks.

m.caro said...


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Now you tell me!
Did you get a cupcake?

m.caro said...

Those cupcakes from Sprinkles were so good---thanks! But I didn't know they had espresso chocolate sprinkles on them and I had crazy insomnia a few nights ago. Beware the little cakes!