glass-ons rule

Here's some pics of a few stubbies, hunter/seekers, and quad fish getting prepped with glass-on fins. Glass-ons are light (no boxes), and allow the fins to flex the way they were designed to. The stubbies work insane with glass-ons and a tapered stringer, as the thin tail can twist and flex along with the fin for a more integrated ride.

6'3" pintail stubbie

9'6" hunter seeker

5'11" stubbie

5'8" stubbie

5'10" double-wing CQC

6'0" double-wing CQC


Clams said...

Nice dude! Are those black speed dailer glass on's the set that you use to mark fin placement? The ones that Chuck made!! I thought you'd never use those!! They look bad ass though. Holler at me! Peace Bredren!

LightGnar said...

that first board looks mental

DEAN said...


Fish Tales said...

glass on's are superior

Barbara said...

M - How far up are you placing those single fins? Thanks.

m.caro said...


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Now you tell me!
Did you get a cupcake?

m.caro said...

Those cupcakes from Sprinkles were so good---thanks! But I didn't know they had espresso chocolate sprinkles on them and I had crazy insomnia a few nights ago. Beware the little cakes!