cherry stubbie

Here's a 6'0" stubbie glossed and waiting to be polished by one of Moonlight's buffing Jedi...

It's one of many waiting for the final step in a long chain of experienced craftspeople:

* Sally St Pierre-owner, shop manager, packing and shipping, customer service
* Peter St Pierre - owner, airbrusher, pinliner, problem solver
* Gary Stuber - head laminator, resin tint specialist
* Mark Dreibelbis - laminator
* Dave Dvorak - hotcoater, leash plugs
* Dave Kerr - fin system installations
* Marlin Bacon - glass-on fins, bamboo scientist
* Kenny Mann - sander
* Brett Loflen - hand-sander, quality control
* Mark Donellon - glosser, polisher
* J.P. St Pierre - wet-sander, polisher, quality control, blogger
* Elliot - hand-sander, polisher, happy "new guy"
* Moondoggie-official mascot, aka Moon Kitty.


Anonymous said...

What's up with that logo?

Anonymous said...

Great logo. and sweet looking board.

Deepism said...

Future Primitive.