nice funboard

Justin is always sending me text messages saying "Cardiff looks rippable."
What is he talking about?

Mister Phillips on his new 5'9" stubbie 2+1. Photos by Tom English.


Anonymous said...

Not another shot of Justin ripping again.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Justin rips indeed!
The board looks great,yes!
The Justin can ride anything comment
I almost agree with.
Anybody in SD ever heard of displacement hulls?
The surfer's ego humbler.
Try that off the top on a Liddle and
good luck.
Don't get me wrong, i love Justin and he's a ripper for sure.
I don't understand why SD does'nt try "true hulls"?
(They're not just for points anymore)

Anonymous said...

Almost my ass !!

The j-dog can and will ride anything except a popout.

Anonymous said...

with style I forgot to add above

seshi said...

hulls dont work.

Justin said...

I had a well known shaper buddy tell me to stop hitting the lip on his 7'0 liddle at malibu over the summer because he did not want me to break it.

warm jet said...

The lucky new dad mr. justin rode my 7'0 liddle at bu just fine. i'm no shaper but i may have said something silly like that for a different reason though.
thinking back, suggesting to him how to ride a board was lame.
hope we can sQeeze in a more lengthy
bu hull session. the liddles do have a uniQue feel.

Anonymous said...

the justin has spoken

Anonymous said...

everytown needs a local heros' ego to stroke.

nice work y'all.

Deepism said...

hey anon above, holmes rips so don't front. it's just that simple, good is good.

THE JUSTIN said...


Manny thanks for the killer little stubby it works unreal!

"The justin has spoken" comment was rad im only going to post under The Justin from now on.

Mathias said...

Looks really good!