tyler warren pocket rocket

Here's some pics of Tyler's new model for Mandala...

5'3" to 5'11"
20"-21" x 2.25"-2.75"

- glass-on marine-ply twin fins (template by Tyler Warren, foiled by Daniel Partch)
- deck is solid color opaque with tapered reverse lap
- tapered stringer
- leash bridge
- choice of wet-sanded or polished gloss

- hull entry
- single concave
- S-deck foil

The S-deck brings thickness right under your belly button for early entry and functional volume under your feet. The nose is narrower than most fish at 15" and under, and is thinned out for reduced swing weight and sensitivity.

If you're interested in placing an order for these limited production boards, send me an email at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.


ben said...

this one is really nice and the shape looks insane.
what would be the good size for a 1m85 80kg guys? 5.8?

Deepism said...

Hey Manuel,

I just got a long fish keeler from Clams that is similar to this. At 6'9" it's 16" at the nose and tail and has a foiled out nose so I can swing that beast quite nicely.

Long live the Swallowtail Society and extended family!!!

Anonymous said...

Silly question... but is there an easy explanation for how you tie the leg rope thingy? Where do you get that sort of rope? Thanks and the board looks unreal!

Deepism said...

@ anon: the answer is Boy Scouts, Tinderfoot.

Deepism said...

OK, that wasn't helpful.

Take a good look at the knot system. It looks like it's based on a sailor's knot. But note, the exiting string is taken from the outside and threaded thru the others. I imagine the reason for this is distribute the tension.

Best of luck.

And Manuel, the pocket rocket looks great. Those are TW's new shape of keels, right?

Quiver said...

I dig the leash bridge. JP over at Moonlight attaches his leash directly to the bridge, bypassing the stringy thingy. Only a velcro leash end will work, but it removes the guesswork around "Is my string too long?"

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