radical sabbatical - part 2

Yup, still here at Moonlight! Here's some pics from my shape-surf-eat-drink-sleep regimen.

Got my Skil 100 up and running again. My back loves it.


Watching Hydrodynamica at RK's house.

It's impossible to out-drink Neal. Look at my face...hammer time.


Anonymous said...

Take care of that back I think I am 24-25 in line :-)
is hydrodynamica out?

Anonymous said...

we miss you manny- come home! (and loan me your 8'4" andreini)

the dirtiest hippy said...

hey manny, it was nice to surf with you at lowers the other day. let me know if you are going to be up in SB.

p.s. this is my girlfriend and my blog:

Anonymous said...

why are you wearing a front-zip wetsuit jacket? I know it'a all retro cool but there is a reason why surfers stopped wearing diver's suits with zippers in front.

I'm just sayin.....