6'0" pintail stubbie

Here's a stubbie I've been surfing for the past few weeks down here in Leucadia and it's been a super fun board to surf after a day of shaping...

6'0" pintail stubbie
21" x 2-7/8"
tri-plane concave
Dark olive green resin tint
Wetsanded gloss
8" Greenough Stage 4A in volan by Larry Allison (Fibre Glas Fin Co.)
Moonlight Glassing!


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Rob?royal said...

hey manny,

have been really enjoying your blog. Always leave with something to think about, and inspired.

Thanks for the stoke.

Flying said...

hey STS,
just a little post to tell you that from the other side of the Atlantic we love what you do.
We do the same in another "surf world" though.
Check it out : flyinglongboarder.com
You have been added to our friends links.
Cheers, florian.