swallowtail society's radical sabbatical

Hey folks,

Sorry for not posting for the past week or so. I'm down here at Moonlight shaping a bunch of boards for boys and girls. I'll be back in the blogosphere next week. In the meantime, here's a link to Surfy Surfy with a post of Joe Curren surfing a 5'6" quad fish I shaped for his Australia and Morocco trip last March:


Here's a link to more photos of Joe that Dane Petersen took on that trip:


OK, back to the shaping room!



steiny said...

atta boy manny- have fun and shred

Anonymous said...

Manny, are you 100% handshaping?

J.P. said...

Yep, Mani is down here at Moonlight shaping away with his trusty Skil 100. No pre-cuts.

resintint said...

I will vouch as well, saw it with mine own eyes. Hand with trusty instrument to foam amidst swirling sounds of trippy Sitars flowing throughout the shaping bay...

Patch said...

Great meeting you Manolo.

asmith said...

That's rad, Mani! Keep it up!

organik said...

hi fellow.
all mornings , before starting to work , i look this blog. i`m realy love to see that , peoples still keep the true surf`s spirit.
i`m from brazil , and do some works , draws , paints ,designs. if possible see some im my blog. www.organikworld.blogspot.com.
we keep in touch

i wait for new post.
best reggards

ciro bicudo
a.k.a organik

leucadia said...

We are keeping manny. He is being fed well (mostly in and out) and has plenty of boards to make. SF can find another roots shaper.



Nuno said...

Free Manny!!!