eastern lines

NY artist Alicia Nichols sent over some photos yesterday of the board she painted for her boyfriend Collin, and I think it's amazing.

If you like her art, check out her website at DIVINE DISORDER.


Paul and Heidi said...

What are the specs on that stick. It looks sick. Looks like it has a deeper swallow tail than your normal boards?

Island Jive said...

Now that is frickin killer...Big Smiles!

Unknown said...

hey everyone.. i am the lucky guy that this board was made for.i will have to dig up the email with the final specs we went with ..i know mani and i had a long conversation about my surfing style and where i like to surf.

i just got back from a nice waist to chest day at the rockaway here in nyc .. this board really feels so much like a thruster. i can wip it around with out any probs at all. SUPER FAST....really easy to get into waves.. i could not ask for anything more!...


leisure time said...


Unknown said...

Magnifique! belle planche, belle d├ęco, joli tattoo


organik said...

i realy love this work .
supreme .

good board , nice work , beautifull girl .
realy good combination .

see ya

look my works in my blog .
i`m a brazilian artist . and do some arts , ilustrations and designs

ciro bicudo
a.k.a organik

Factory Surfin said...

I really like the art work. It looks so nice.