mustardy stubbie

Here's a little stubbie that went out into the world this week~~~

6'0" stubbie 2+1
mustard yellow resin tint
polished gloss
fiberglass side bites by Jack Jensen
Moonlight Glassing


jean said...

So so so beautiful i feel like trying it now :)
We don't have stubbies in France.
One day ...

Surfy Surfy said...


LeeV said...

Embrace the curve...nicely done Manny.

Next time, try this recipe: 6'4" speed fish outline with an 11-inch pin to pin tail. Roll the bottom with the hull in the middle going to flat off the tail and nose. Single foil keels with a hint of toe and cant. Put 'em up where they shouldn't go. Pinch the rails to taste...Serve in double to triple overhead surf. Smooooth on the pallet, no harsh aftertaste. Like a hot knife through buttah.

LeeV said...
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