Biofoam Birdies

Kyle Field serving up a slice of stubbie pie for Two Birds Fly, a new little venture bent on making art boards to hang on glassy walls.

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Festus Porkmeyer said...


You reading this, Bub? That beard is real nice.

I still have your "Bakesale" cassette. "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" and P.E.'s "It Takes a Nation ...," too, I think.

Want 'em back?

Remember when we co-bought that Spider "fish" in '97, then, fearing we would become too attached to it, dropped it on the ground in a sacrificial, breaking-it-in gesture, leaving a big ding.

Or when you showed up at our Carlsbad beach pad that morning with a "new" board you had obtained by trading, straight-across, with a strange woman in the water the day before?

Or when we started calling everybody and -thing "dog" — until you caught yourself referring to our cat as "dog," then admitted we'd taken it a "little too far."


Swell times.

I'd be nice to catch up. And my "Rodriguez Wails" shirt is pretty much weared out and I need a replacement.

It's great to see Little Wings on shelves all over the place. Way to go.

Festus Porkmeyer

P.S.: "Lookie here. I dig greens and chompin' on some butta, then drag 'em through the garden."