Stringerless CQC for Joe Curren

Joe picked up his little 5'7" recently and it's apparently making its way to points south of Spain later this month...lucky. Send us a postcard Joe!


churp said...

damn! manny that board makes me want curl up in the fetal position, rock back and fourth, and cry myself to sleep. Or... eat an entire tub of icecream while looking at myself in the mirror and crying about what fat bitch I am.

get well buddy.

Rob?royal said...

loving these wingless wonders manny

are you coming over to portugal in june?


m.caro said...

oh churpster...you're not that fat.

portugal in june is a good time for eating fish.

Nuno said...

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Anonymous said...


with the added twist/flex there seems to be added potential for the board to de-lam quickly. can you compensate for this in the build process?


m.caro said...

I haven't had any trouble with the stringerless boards delaminating. There's a few stringerless Mandalas out there that have been daily drivers for many years with no major problems. Just ask Marty in Long Beach---he's got a 5'5" quad fish that's going 3 years strong without problems...

I've been glassing them double-4oz top and bottom...no worries with Moonlight glasswork.

Anonymous said...

I hav e seen Joe at Rincon the last few weeks ripping on the Olive drab quadfish you made him. He was with Slater yesterday at the con. Must like the board, he's riding it everyday there! :