sunday stubbie sunday - this sunday!

Hello all! We're having another Stubbie Sunday this weekend! This time it'll be at Beacons in Leucadia, starting around 9am. It looks like we'll have a little bit of swell lined up with a high tide in the a.m.. It might be pretty fun...

I'll have a bunch of demo tri-plane hulls and stubbies with concave for everyone to try out. Please bring your Liddles, Andreinis, Hilbers, and other stubbie-esque hulls to show off or share!

For this Stubbie Sunday, we're adding a little something to the gathering called "The Ultimate Kook Kontest." Come dressed as a full-on kook and be in on a no-holds-barred assault on the line-up. Best-dressed kook wins the 5'1" Chubbie!

Beacons Beach
Leucadia, CA
August 16, 2009
9am - 5pm


Anonymous said...

what if I show up with the biggest kook of all time??? the Cardiff Kook and myself will be taking that rub a dub stub home fashow!

Jason F

frank said...

i love lurking on this site - thanx! - but hey, can't you do a stubbie sunday in santa cruz instead?!! i wanna come and see your stuff, as i am a stubophile!

Anonymous said...

What and who determines the biggest kook? I don't see any way to quantitatively measure kookness. If we go back and look at Wilbur, he was the biggest kook because in his day dreams he ripped, but in real life he could barely surf. So anyone that can actually surf well should be automatically eliminated.

My vote goes to the guy who shows up with the board (wax up on racks), wetsuit and cooler, and then sits all day and doesn't ever paddle out (just drinks beer and daydreams). Full on San O style.


borntoloser said...

Sounds fun. Maybe I'll bring a mat to share.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the news today
Oh, I cant close my eyes and make it go away
How long...
How long must we ride this stub?
How long? how long...

cause tonight...we can ride the stub!

Broken fins under knotted feet
Bodies strewn across the san-o walls
But I wont heed the battle call
It puts my stub up
Puts my stub up against the wall

Sunday, stubby sunday
Sunday, stubby sunday
Sunday, stubby sunday (sunday stubby sunday...)
(allright lets go!)

Nigel S. Peppercock said...

So all I have to do is show up to win this board? Solid.

zz said...

I just bought a new epoxy flyer... can't wait!