sacred craftiness

Here's some pictures of some boards I'll be bringing to the Sacred Craft this weekend at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Come visit my booth and check them out, along with a collection of objects de surfear, hand-made board bags, and even some new video footage...

5'11" tri-plane hull

8'8" tri-plane hull

9'6" tri-plane hull

5'11" wingless quad fish

6'0" tri-plane hull

5'11" stubbie + mirandon twin fins

"business" cards

basswood carving


Mr Lee said...

Very pleased to come here.Your blog gives us a good feeling.Nice to meet you.Look forward to communicating with you.We want to invite you to our blog at any time you want.
Have a wonderful day!


Maggie said...

I will be supporting you and your booth in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Cletis, Farnum, and Leonard fired up the econoline and they are stopping off at greystrokes in oceanside to pick up some hot guys to bring to the mandala booth. make some boom-boom.

Sacred craft rules!


big jilm said...

the business cards are so rad.