I'll be going to Sacred Craft in Ventura next week where I'll have a booth full of boards and crafty objects to check out. Hope to see you all there May 16-17! Visit SACRED CRAFT for more info on the show.


Anonymous said...

leonard will be there with his uncle cletis.

-Farnum (leonards dad)

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Wilbur said to tell Aunt Gladis to bring the ginger snaps to the shin-dig. Harold, Winifred, Bartholomew,Angnes, and Maybel will be carpooling in the buick.
Like good ol' uncle Cletis says-"Put some hair around it, You'll find it."

-Leonard III

Anonymous said...

uncle cletis just picked up a sweet van. Farnum's gonna drive it. leonard will be in the back doing bong rips.