6'0" tri-plane hull
20.5" x 2-7/8"
khaki opaque color lamination
wet-sanded gloss
9" Liddle Flex from Fibreglas Fin Co.
Moonlight Glassing

Hulls around this length are my favorite. Andreini once told me that he and his friends started making really short stubbies in the 5'10" to 6'0" range so they could surf like Greenough and crank really hard turns. These boards have a moderate displacement hull coupled with a modern rail profile so you can really drive them hard without losing that weightless hull sensation. Here's Eli Mirandon on the 5'11" choco-stub via the CrappyCam...


Worm said...

Where can one find a board like this?

Anonymous said...

eli rips the hull! wonder what he would surf a normal board like?

ZachZ said...

some kinda love... great stuff manny!

m.caro said...

One can find a board just like this at Shelter in Long Beach. It's almost exactly the same board with exactly the same everything. To learn more about how this board is not unlike the board I'm referring to, check out:


PageOne said...

beauty! crappy cam can't hide those turns.