they're for sale if you want them

5'4" stringerless quad fish
20" x 2-3/8"
5oz+5oz deck/5oz+5oz bottom
Lokbox removable fin sysytem
AK4 fins

Stringerless boards tend to follow the path of least resistance by flexing and twisting to conform to the shape of a turn. The lower rocker is faster down the line, and when you go into a bottom turn the tail begins to flex and store energy that's released at the transition of your line. I made one for Joe Curren last year and he said the board did just about everything he would want a fish to do.

Interested parties can contact me at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com...


Ricardo said...

damn.. looks awesome.. and very good price... if only i wasn't an ocean away .

Keep up the good work

Ricardo from Portugal

Chum said...

wow. what a deal! mama-mia.