new rudders!

We're finally closing the loop and can offer a surfboard that has all of its components hand-made here in California:

Clear sanded AK4s, hand-foiled by Jack Jensen.
Bases by 101 Fin Co.

Modified 9" Greenough 4A, hand-foiled by Jack Jensen.
Finished by Captain Fin Company.

So long China!


If you'd like to order some fins, you can contact me at:


Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts on Fibre Glas Fin Co. in Torrance?

I don't have any experience with their fins yet, but I like the fact that they, too, are Made in the USA.

Thanks in advance.

erik said...

How can we order a set?

M.CARO said...

I like Larry Allison's work at Fibre Glas Fin Co., and I've used his fins in the past. I like working with Jack Jensen because he lives 2 minutes from Moonlight Glassing, and he's able to foil fins for me in just a few days...