darker than blue

6'oh" tri-plane hull
black opaque color lamination
polished gloss
9" Greenough 4A
Moonlight Glassing

~ logo cryptography by MATT IRVING ~


John said...

Go your message. 41. Nice board. I want one in blue or green. Black is for night surfing, right?

Anonymous said...


Nigel S. Peppercock said...

Mr. Caro,

You never cease to amaze me.

Nigel S. Peppercock on behalf of the Gnarshire.

Anonymous said...

Kick ass logo .....


m.caro said...

Yo Nigel,

I got your phone message a few weeks ago and I couldn't call you back---I don't have your number. I wanted to post Jazz the Glass but all my virtual friends had already live-blogged from their IPhones. Email me and we'll compare cabin boy stories.


John---you're 41 now? I have some special Depends for you with a new filter for when you fart dust. Go see Mock-Ducky's new movie---I got a board in the Africa section...!


Dixon talbott said...
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Kyle said...

Black boards are highly covetable items but need oodles of wax when riding in the hot sun. Board best used when riding in a 3/4 or thicker and boots.

Me likey!

Unknown said...

beyond beautifull

Vyusher La Kali said...

That is my very favorite of all your boards. The Black Pool. This dawn patroller's colour of choice.