surfboard party

I got invited to share a booth with trouble-makers Brian Hilbers, Kirk Putnam, and Marc Andreini last weekend. Hulltastic. Met a lot of good folks and saw some insane boards.


kirk, marc, and little john.

final exams.

grif-grom making me look even shorter.

japanese bros.

moon-mom slanging shirts yo.

rk and the dude, mr. john cherry.

gerrrrrr custom shapes.

brian and kirk doing their best andreini impersonation. marc was pissed!


bubbie said...

Kirk is soooo handsome and HullSome!

Nuno said...

Did you pass the exam? Ha! :P

J.P. St. Pierre said...

Looks a like family hullsome event.

Anonymous said...

whys RK smilin something really funny must be behind the camera