shape, surf, sing...

I got to meet Ashley Lloyd again at the Sacred Craft where she performed some songs off her new album "The Serenata Road Recordings." Check out her website where you can check out her boards and listen to her beautiful songs:


photo:tiffany morgan

photo:tiffany morgan

Here's a link to an interview she did with FOAM magazine:



Anonymous said...

getting tired of all this soft-core surf porn BS I keep seeing on this blog. at least Hess has pics of himself charging TOH Sloat Ave, all we get here is a bunch of pseudo-artistic femmes and small, fuzzy boys w/ tight jeans.

"Let's Get Down to Business, shall we?"

Anonymous said...

i would rather check out arty cute girls than big wave charging guys any day- but hey- whatever you are into fella!
i have seen ashley surf some pretty big days with nice style

m.caro said...

RAD! Yep, I don't charge TOH Sloat. I don't wear tight jeans. I'm into making surfboards I like to surf in overhead and under...big whup!

This blog's mostly about my friends and how fun it is to make boards for them. Feel free to make fun of that all you want :)

Anonymous said...

atta boy manny- fun should be fun.

Anonymous said...

I love Ashley Lloyd~