Jeff McCallum has been shaping some insane little pods down in San Diego...check out his website!


Bret said...

Hey Manny, so when's the next stubby Sunday(beacons)?

journeyman said...

I agree. I found Jeff's boards 5 or 6 years ago and was intigued with his quad egg-like designs. I have ridden a 5'10 quad, a 6'6? semi-gun (single fin) and currently own his 1954 model. All of those boards are insane. I've seen Kameron Brown, who works at Icons of Surf, ride a log that Jeff made, and he loves it! Espn has done two online articles on him, one on the 1954
and another on his spoons
It's funny, I saw two dudes surf PB Pier yesterday on a couple of different boards of his, very fast!