recent random radness

local yokel mr.justin aloha with his new mind machine
master destroyer ben matz brewing up some hefeweizen for his lady's b-day
mini-shredder madeline is three feet high and rising

stubbies attack the BU

'babwe is just a little upset that we're out of whiskey

zo-bo waiting for pops to finish shaping...dog park!

world's shortest DJs - maya and joel helping me spin a parteeeee

grant newby sent me this one of GG krusty krab 
getting ready to put more bounce to the ounce


hydrodynamica said...

say hi to Maddie for me next time.
i miss her.

KP's Round UP said...

GG lookin pretty good for a guy who's in the record books at ucla medical center, he had open heart surgery as a baby, one of the first , and he still kickin!!! it.

Surfy Surfy! said...