"Jay Nelson creates objects and structures that facilitate inventive approaches to living. His creations are often meant to be mobile and pose questions about our relationship to the environment that we inhabit and the landscape in which we travel. For the exhibition at Southern Exposure, Nelson will be creating an electric camper pod. Encased in a fiberglass shell, the pod is a small camper home on wheels complete with a water tank, stove, cabinets, fold-down table and convertible bed. The Golden Gate I included in the show at Southern Exposure is a prototype and a proposal for what could possibly be fleet of similar vehicles. Each potential pod is a raw space that can be customized by the inhabitant into a temporary home and a space for introspection."

For more information about Southern Exposure and their current exhibitions, visit SOEX.ORG

Here's an quad Jay drew on a few years ago...

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Outerlands said...

still my go-to board manny. miss you- d,l and l