is anything sacred?

Kirk Putnam, aka HULL BOSS, telling us about a rest area he stopped at off the 5 freeway...

Brian Hilbers got a surprise when Julie from Julie Designs came in with a balsa hull he shaped back in the early 70's.

Here's John Smart stealing power from the coffee booth behind us. Apparently, it cost something like $200.00 to buy power for your booth...go Bassy!

KP had this on his back the whole show.

Whatever happens, we love you Kirk.

Hey Richard, when's the movie coming out?

Eli shaping one of his dolphin-shaped boards.

Even Wil Jobson was there inspiring and confusing us with applied hydrodynamic theory.

And he rocked out too...

Yuta and Momo!

Zooey and Madeline!

Robin Kegel won best prize for the raddest booth. It was on total autopilot and had the most I-don't-give-a-sh!t per square inch than all the booths combined.


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