7'oh full pin stubbie

7'0" pintail tri-plane hull
21.5" x 2-7/8"
khaki green opaque
wet-sanded gloss
9" Volan L-flex NGL
Moonlight Glassing

I got to surf this board in overhead surf today and it's a screamer. The full pintail holds long bottom turns well in larger surf, while the narrow base NGL loads, releases, and pivots like a good flex fin should. Everyone bug Chuck Ames to make more of these fins!

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GroundART said...

Mani; The 6'4" deep merlot stubbie just like this that you shaped for me recently has been really killing it in all different surf conditions at good sized OB SF this winter...thanks again for such a great new sled and alternative riding experience. I am truly impressed at how well it holds in bigger surf, and really drives down the line with incredible speed....basically feels like flying. Hope all is well in the south.