biofoam shred

Film-maker Jeff Den Broeder is producing a film about the Post-Clark state of foam and has been traveling and interviewing people in the foam business, shapers, and surfers (oh no!).

Here's a board I shaped for the film. Alex Kopps added his touch of radness to it, and has been surfing it for the past few weeks (shredding.)

5'10" wingless flextail quad fish
20.25" x 2-3/8"

Biofoam Barry McGee coming soon...(?)


Anonymous said...

that's a sweet board Manny! disappearing tapered stringer that I have come to refer to as a Flexdialer.

what's going on with the paint on the tail? Lokbox under there?

Anonymous said...

also, I have only see Biofoam advertise a 6'4" Fish blank. saw one with the same tapered stringer at the ASR show. did you use the 6'4" and shape it down?

m.caro said...


I used the 6'4" fish blank and it works best for my designs that are 6'0" and under. I use the 6'9" and 7'2" for anything bigger. I prefer to use blanks with less rocker in the nose, so the bigger blanks work fine for boards 4-5" shorter than the blank itself.

Ryan said...

wow... nice collab on that one...