Diamond Tail Quads

I've been getting a lot of requests for diamond tail quads from folks who really like my round pin quads but wanted a bit more edge through to the tail. The diamond tail template extends parallel effective edge much like the template of a fish but without the reduced tail surface area of a swallowtail. This results in a bit more speed as there's more tail surface area. I've pulled in the template a bit compared to the fish template to make up for the added surface area, which makes for a more performance-oriented template.

5'11" x 19.5" x 2-3/8"
coke-bottle blue resin tint + polish
tapered basswood stringer
bamboo AK4 fins

Check out this link for more info on the DIAMONDTAIL QUAD. Enjoy!


Miles said...

i picked up one of your beautiful quad fishes today in Venice and can't wait to jump forward on it friday morning! what a great shop that is!

i went straight from mollusk to new image art to see alex kopps' exhibit... DUUUDE that guy is amazin'! i love his stuff!

aloha my friend

Joe said...

No Logo huh....Looks rad....Yo Happy Thanksgiving broseph...give a call!

-Joey Clams

m.caro said...

Logo's on the deck in white so it's a bit hard to see. Happy Turkey Liberation Day!

FREERIDE said...

Nice outline. One of my favorite boards is a 5 fin diamond tail from Malcom. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm. Come to Daddy my four finned friend. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

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