A Visit to Ol' Blighty

Here's a few photos from my recent trip out to the UK for the Fish Fry in Woolacombe Bay. I have about 600 more photos in all, but here's a few favorites:

The view from my private jet.

The proud Cornish flag at the Black & White Factory.

Pete invited us over for a nice dinner with friends at his 800 year-old haunted house in Hayle. Pete used to be Princess Diana's personal bodyguard.

Got some fun little waves right out front of our rental house in Putsborough. The 12' tide swings really gave the spot a few different faces during the day.

Woolacombe Bay.

A lot of people drive turbo diesel vans in the UK which get about 40-50 mpg. Even Ford makes one out there called a Transport, which gets about 45 mpg.

A lad and his Morris Woody.

These folks like fish.

Skelly and "The German."

Phil the Silverback sorting out the new lam configuration. Phil is a large man at 6'4"/300#, and I shaped him an 7'11" bonzer so he wouldn't eat my lunch.

Ian and I would walk miles after shaping to various pubs in the middle of nowhere. We'd see one on a hilltop a few miles away and start walking in the general direction.

9 p.m. and still plenty of light out...time for a pint!

Best warm beer I ever had...

Slaving away at the Black & White Factory.

Some bat-tail quads for the Surfed Out shop in Barnstaple.

Pirates lived here.

Land's End.

Friendly neighborhood basking sharks.

Richie and crew coming up the trail from another Cornish secret spot.

Some new friends I was fortunate enough to meet in Sennen.


Jair Bortoleto said...

hi Manny,
Love your boards and blog.
I´m an art photographer from Brasil, and just release my first art/surf book.. it´s call "Alma Santista"... it´s about the surf and beach culture from Santos, a city by the coast of Sao Paulo, where the surf berth in Brasil.

I´m one of the only ones, who´s shapes old school boards in the country.

take a look at my photo website and email me, man...


take care and looking foward to hear from you.

Jair Bortoleto
55 13 8126 8705

seamouse said...

So glad you enjoyed my fair isle and a pint of snozzle ale.
I love both as much as the other.

m.caro said...

thanks dudes....

lee clackson said...

Glad you had a good time in cornwall i am a photographer from newquay and i ride a sweet south coast butter fish that i picked up in pacific beach in san diego. Just found your blog glad i did. take it easy. Lee

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