Double-wing Quad Fish

--speedy, quick, swift, rapid; fast-moving, fast-paced, high-speed, turbo, sporty; accelerated, express, blistering, break-neck, pell-mell; zippy, blinding, supersonic. Antonym: slow.

--free, flowing, unbound, unchained, at-large.


seamouse said...

Every Board continues to inspire.
triple yummers.

Nuno said...

Some more fresh fish with nice wings detail and beautiful stealth grey.

You'll go to the UK fish fry? My bro will be there for sure with his friends, I won't be able to cause I'm getting married in June in Portugal


Otherwise I wouldn't miss it.

Anonymous said...

as usual, more drool material from mandala...


elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clayfin said...

love the way you can see the rocks thru the fin on that last shot - you take great board pics.

Anonymous said...

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