i shaped a stubbie for sage vaughn, who makes some beautiful paintings.  check out sagevaughn.com



for my good friend Andrew...



5'9" stubbie single
20.25" x 2-3/8"
single concave to spiral vee
sage green opaque
wet-sanded gloss
volan center fin by Fibre Glas Fin Company
Moonlight Glassing

check out this link : STUBBIE SINGLE


6'3" tri-plane hull 2+1
blue/black resin tint
combo finish
volan fins by Fibre Glas Fin Company
Moonlight Glassing


photo: geoff fanning
photo:christian wach

Dane Peterson just sent me these photos of him floating around on his 5'10" bucket of death, somewhere near his house in Noosa......thanks Dane!
5'6" Arctail 2+1
22.5" x 2.75"
clear wet-sanded gloss
volan fins by Fibre Glas Fin Company
Moonlight Glassing :)


5'6" stubbie quad
20" x 2-3/8"
blue/black opaque 
combo finish
volan quad fins by Fibre Glas Fin Company
Moonlight Glassing

Wes Sechrest shredding on a 5'8" stubbie quad!


Freshly poached from the CRITICAL SLIDE SOCIETY blog,  here's Dane Peterson in OZ with the 5'10" Deth Bukkit I shaped for him during his stay in California...

Ando and I were geeking out on Youtube this weekend watching some of our favorite childhood bands. This song is still my favorite from the B-52's...



I finally connected my phone to my computer and downloaded a bunch of photos that been piling up in there. Here's some random pictures of friends, pictures of photos, and stuff I like to remember by pointing my phone at it...


6'3" tri-plane hull 2+1
21.75" x 2-7/8"
chocolate red opaque
combo finish
volan fins by Fibre Glas Fin Co.
Moonlight Glassing!
Moonlight Glassing's very own Bret Loflen sent me these pictures of a point in Morocco where he surfed his Mandala quad fish.  He said he got some pretty fun waves even though it was a bit stormy.  Bret reports that the culture there is as far removed from Southern California as you can get.  At last, a place without a Starbucks!




Going-left-goofy-goober Andy Davis has a new website crafted by his multi-faceted/shines-bright pardner Ashley.  Click on Ando's head to check it out!



five six arctails are fun to shape...