Point Grinding


Happy Winter Solstice!

With the full moon and the longest night of the year pretty much overlapping, nature's saying get your party on. Happy holidays to everyone!


Daily Sounds

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner...

Citay...Jackie Mitto...Little Wings


Kooking Out

T-moe's show last week was fun...here's a clip:



There's an art opening this Saturday at Mollusk Venice, featuring a collection of photographs by Serena Mitnik-Miller. Music by the Mollusk House Band. Come check it out if you're in the area:

Mollusk Venice
1600 Pacific Avenue
Venice, CA
December 15th, 2007


Galaxsea Crawlin'

Pank's new stubbie finally came in from Moonlight, ready for his moto-shred attack vehicle. Super gracias por la fancy art work by Nat Russell...

Oh look---it's Gnar Gnar!


Boneless Bamboo Quad

...for Ryan the RVCA rep. Hand-delivered through driving rain!

6'1" x 20.25" x 2.5" stringerless round pin quad
masking-tape opaque tint + polish
bamboo AK4 fins
6oz+6oz deck/6oz + 6oz bottom

p.s. the left at C-street was fun yesterday...


Stringerless Stubbie

Dan Partch just sent over some hand-foiled marine-ply side bites for my newest stringerless project, a 5'9" stubbie 2+1. I've been really stoked lately on sub-6' stubs with spiral vee for navigating around various nugs here in Ocean Beach. Chuck Ames is in the process of making some special 7" volan L-flex fins for Mandala, which should be ready around the time this board's ready to surf...

5'9" stubbo concavo
20.5" x 2.5"
marine-ply side bites
7" volan L-flex

Special thanks to heavy D.Partch for making such beautiful fins. He's the nicest ex-drill sergeant you'll ever meet...


Marc Andreini Loves to Shape

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Marc's secret shaping lair to be educated on the finer points of hull design. I got to listen to some great stories of how he and Kirk Putnam shaped and rode stubbies throughout the 60's and in the decades that followed---true research and design in the clean point surf of Santa Barbara. I hope I can honor his generosity by shaping a few boards and continuing this special kind of design tradition.

Here's a few photos of Marc shaping my new 5'11" Vaquero...

More photos to come...