mini-simmons for manolo

Doogie Howser finished my 5'5" pizza box today...can't wait to try a slice!


i placed an order

...with Griffin for a 5'5" stringerless Casper!


finger it out

Boy wonder Griffin Stepanek is in town this week sitting in for some shaping sessions and dragonfly taming. Here he is with his new buddy...

RK's friend Lucas on a 4'8" Griffin Casper...

sea kat está indo ao Brasil


andreini koa slider part II

Got to hang out with Marc Andreini again last weekend and helped him carry out the koa board he's been working on. It's a long process and slow going, but nothing's ever rushed with Marc.


getting ready for fall

6'7" pintail single
tri-plane concave
21" x 2.75"


beacons forever

While I was down south, Maggie Marsek and her special friend Rob had me over for a beer and did the old Mr. Miyagi trick where he tells Daniel to choose which vintage car to have for his birthday. I picked this photo of one of my favorite waves in Leucadia.

You can see more beautiful photos at her website:


Thanks Maggie!!!


it's nice being back

I thought I'd post a few pics of some of the scenery here in SF during the summer...

Here's a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mollusk Surf Shop.

Oh, here's a rare view of the ocean.

This is what you see of you just drive 20 minutes south of Mordor.


shaping with tyler warren is fun

While I was down south I got to shape a twin keel for Mr. Warren. It took a while to find a template he liked, but we finally worked out a template a bit like a super foiled Lis fish. Check out Tyler's fin template, hand-foiled by Daniel Partch.

5'3" double rudder rocket

Hey, check out Tyler's new blog:



new seaworthy trailer!

Mister Oldfield's been busy...

Seaworthy: Official Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

finless fun


shape, surf, eat, sleep...

Hmmm...back to the blog. I've been away a while hobo-ing down at Moonlight playing the part of the migrant foam worker. Here's some pics from the last few weeks~~~

One of a few spots I got to surf after work.

I got to meet a lot of new babies on this trip.
This is my friend Moses and his son Henry.

Noah and Ashley Davis on his first go-out surfing!

J.P. St.Pierre and his grabby grom Jon Michael.

Oh yeah, I shaped some boards too.
6'0" pintail stubbie.

Liz and her headless dog Pootie-tang.